Formed in 2005, the Active Williamsburg Alliance (AWA) is a community advocacy group dedicated to making the Williamsburg area a safer and easier place to bicycle, walk or run. With our natural beauty and unique historical heritage, we believe we can be a national model for active living. AWA desires to accomplish the following:

  • Create safe routes for the young and old to get to schools, stores, and work without creating more traffic. Building more roads does not alleviate traffic problems. Creating alternate methods of transportation—or making already-viable methods safe and easy to pursue—will alleviate automobile congestion.
  • Improve the overall health of residents by providing “out the door” opportunities for walking, jogging and riding. Obesity among adults and children is reaching epidemic proportions in the United States , and any attempts to counter inactivity should be strongly supported.
  • Improve safety for bicyclists and families attempting to travel on dangerous two-lane roads in the county by providing designated bike lanes and paths. As long as cycling is dangerous, it will not be considered a viable transportation alternative for our citizens. Only when citizens understand that cycling is a healthy, cheap, and safe form of transportation will they begin to use bicycles on a regular basis for transportation.
  • Create a tourist destination for bicyclists, hikers, birdwatchers, rollerbladers, and other fitness-oriented travelers. In a time of reduced tourism dollars and increased competition for such business, the Williamsburg area needs to capitalize on all of our potential attractions. There is a growing market for “ecotourism.” We can exploit all the positive qualities of our area—including climate, natural beauty, and the relatively compact area in which we live—to complement and connect our already well known attractions.

Active Williamsburg Alliance is a chapter of the statewide nonprofit organization, BikeWalk Virginia.  Your membership is welcomed and encouraged.  Please join us! (By joining, you become not only a member of BikeWalk Virginia, but also of Active Williamsburg Alliance.)

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