Last week, a contingent from Williamsburg joined more than 750 other attendees at the 10th Annual National Bike Summit. Attendees traveled to Capitol Hill on Thursday to meet with Congressional members to discuss legislation that will make our communities more bike friendly.  The event was capped with a “table top” speech by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, once again declaring that he is a full partner in our efforts to make America more multi-modal

America Bikes seeks an experienced full-time person for a 3-month research project on state and locally planned bicycle and pedestrian transportation projects. This position will work with America Bikes staff and board to create an online inventory of on-going and planned bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects from around the United States. The Project Manager would be responsible for populating this database by performing extensive outreach to state, regional and local governments, and the bicycle and pedestrian advocacy community.

America Bikes is a coalition of leaders from the bicycle community advocating for positive outcomes for bicycling in the federal transportation bill. Member organizations include: The Adventure Cycling Coalition, Alliance for Biking and Walking, Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, Bikes Belong, International Mountain Bicycling Association, League of American Bicyclists, National Center for Bicycling and Walking and Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.

Primary Responsibilities

1)   Consultation with web designer to best structure online database for state and local transportation official and advocate use.

2)   Population of database through consistent and extensive outreach to state, regional and local government officials to publicize inventory and request input of bicycle and pedestrian projects planned for development.

3)   Coordination of the data collection efforts of America Bikes coalition groups.

4)   Production of documents explaining federal transportation funding process for use by advocates.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

–       Extensive knowledge of State Department of Transportation organization, as well as processes for moving a project through the planning, engineering and construction phases.

–       Knowledge and interest bicycle and pedestrian issues

–       Excellent interpersonal skills

–       Experience in Excel and Word applications

–       Familiarity with web-based programs

This is a contractor’s position and requires the individual to complete assignments on his/her own computer.  All work done by the contractor will become the property of America Bikes.

Since this is a contract position, no benefits are included.

To Apply

Send Resume and Cover Letter to by January 6th

The Coalition Working to Improve America's Transportation System

The Coalition Working to Improve America's Transportation System

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