VDOT SRTS LogoThe WJCC School District is beginning to participate in Safe Routes to School, a  national program that aims to make it easier and safer for students living near  schools to walk or bicycle.  The program helps communities improve infrastructure–sidewalks, crosswalks, bike paths, signs–and also focuses on educating  children, their parents and others in the community on safe walking, bicycling, and driving behaviors.  The program derives great value in obtaining parents’ thoughts and opinions on letting their children walk or bicycle to school.

Five schools in the WJCC District are participating in the launch of the SRTS program.  The schools include:  Berkeley Middle School, Clara Byrd Baker Elementary School, James River Elementary School, Matoaka Elementary School, and Rawls Byrd Elementary School.  As a first step, the school division is conducting a survey of parents and guardians of children at each of these schools.  The survey is available online, and has 16 short-answer questions.

If you have children at the participating schools (or have friends who do), please take 5 to 10 minutes to answer the survey.  Your input is crucial to developing a safe, effective, and fun program at these schools.